At Cahokia Rice, we’re proud of the role we play in providing critical wildlife habitat and sustainably growing rice. Our land is home to nearly 220 species of wildlife including crawfish, snakes, frogs, shorebirds, and migrating waterfowl.

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Cahokia is an excellent all-purpose rice for a diabetic like me. So far I've used it to make: fried rice, mejadra, arroz con frijoles, and plain. This rice does not spike my blood glucose, and the added protein is a nice bonus. It has a pleasant, slightly nutty flavor. Not quite as "clean" of a flavor as jasmine, but you hardly notice unless you're eating it plain, and it's still good. Will definitely be buying it again in the future.
Jae (New Britain, Connecticut)Excellent All-Purpose Rice!
One of our sons and his SO eat tons of rice, so the larger bag seemed like a better idea. Since they lean vegetarian, this is a perfect way to help manage their protein intake. They love the flavor, the way Cahokia rice cooks up and I totally agree. It's my rice of choice. I'm not a huge rice fan but, Cahokia rice has changed that! You're going to love, love, love this rice.
Marcia L. (Denver, Colorado)Perfect on a larger scale!
I have opened my seventh pound of Cahokia brown rice. Each package has been filled with uniform and clean brown rice, with no noticeable stray material. I checked by phone to ask about arsenic content, which has been a problem in some rice-growing regions. I was pleased to find that Cahokia rice has been tested and arsenic was not found. flavor has been as expected.
Glenn R. (Lexington, South Carolina)High Quality and High Nutrition
Best rice eve! I’m from Illinois and the rice is too so it’s local for me. Also, I have peace of mind of what goes in my body because it is tested for arsenic and has none. Best quality you can buy.
Keith G. (Bergenfield, New Jersey)The Best
The rice is very delicious and nutritious! Highly recommend to those who crave for carbs but on stringent nutrition plan.
Haoliang D. (Chicago, Illinois)Great Service and Product!
Cahokia Brown Rice is tasty & consistent. My partner & I grew up in Southern Illinois and we are so pleased to support our "childhood home" local farmers.
Judith L. (Mankato, Minnesota)Wonderful Brown Rice
I love this rice it has a great flavor and it's really filling. I bought a few extra bags for friends to try :-)
Roxanne M. (West Roxbury, Massachusetts)So Good
The rice was delicious hot. The next day, I poured olive oil on the cold leftover rice and ate it for lunch. Yum! Al dente, flavorful, and higher in protein. I have shared information about Cahokia rice with my grocery store.
Martha (Tualatin, Oregon)Tasty Hot and Cold
Discovered Cahokia Rice last year at the Carbondale Food Coop. Did not know you could order direct. Cooks up great, great taste as well. Excellent stuff.
Jeff R. (McLeansboro, Illinois)Excellent Stuff
Your rice is superb I followed your recipe for coconut and lemon rice. It’s nutty and smells amazing, very tasty too.
Barbara R. (Lawrence, New Jersey)Delicious
Been using your rice for over a year now. Love it! Cooks beautifully and tastes great and is good for you!
Deborah K. (Des Moines, Iowa)Best Brown Rice
I eat a plant based whole food diet. The high protein content blends perfect.
Randi E. (Spokane, Washington)Love this rice!


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