Cahokia Rice Reviews

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Your rice is superb I followed your recipe for coconut and lemon rice. It’s nutty and smells amazing, very tasty too.

Best brown rice

Been using your rice for over a year now. Love it! Cooks beautifully and tastes great and is good for you!

Love this rice!

I eat a plant based whole food diet. The high protein content blends perfect.

Best local rice!!!

I had been looking for a local rice for a long time and found Cahokia rice at a local food store. It not only tastes great it is healthier because it's locally produced. This one is permanent now on my to get list.

There was an error with my most recent order. But I called Christine and correction was made quickly. Thank you, Christine Smith!

Love This Rice

My daughter brought a bag of this rice home with her when she was home from U of I for the summer and I fell in love with it. It is different than ordinary brown rice, which I can honestly take or leave. I am grateful that I am able to order online since it isn't available in my local grocery stores.

Love the Brown Rice and i am excited to have a local Illinois Rice!

Great rice - nice owners :)

I bought this rice after meeting the company owners at an expo I was working in Chicago. They were so down to earth, genuine, and nice. The rice they were sampling tasted great so why not support local! Great quality, nice people, you can't go wrong :)

So easy to order!

I love supporting innovative family farmers and I love this rice! I just got my 3rd order of brown rice from Cahokia because they make it so easy. I always order 3 bags to get the free shipping. The recipes tucked inside the box makes it feel more personable.




small batches are tastier... very good


best as always...

Everyone loves it.

I am trying to get my family to eat more locally grown Foods. I was so excited to find rice that is grown less than a hundred miles from my house. Everyone in my family really enjoys this rice.

great product

Really enjoyed the rice, healthier than other brands and that does not take away from the quality of the taste.

Great tasting rice

My family tried the Cahokia white rice and thought it was excellent! The rice was easy to prepare, (just the 1 cup rice/2 cups water ratio) and it is goes well with various dishes. I have used it with Thai and Asian food dishes as well as in casserole dishes. We also like the fact that it is naturally higher in protein and is non GMO. Definitely a five star product!

My New Favorite Rice Variety

Cahokia has quickly become my favorite rice variety. It's quick and easy to prepare and ends up more "fluffy " than other varieties, which my family prefers. What pleases me the most about Cahokia, however, is the fact that I am familiar with the people who are growing and marketing it and can sincerely say that I've never dealt with a more honest, hard working group of people. Knowing these people and their families and seeing the many positive contributions they make to our local communities makes me happy to support them to the extent that I can.

Higher Protein Rice - Responsibly Grown in the US

About one year ago I purchased some Cahokia brown rice. I was interested to try it given the higher protein content, the fact that the farming methods behind it were responsible and because it is grown in the United States. Since then I have been using both the brown and white rice varieties produced by Cahokia and I am very satisfied. The taste and texture are great. Hard to describe exactly but a richer flavor and a depth to the texture which is different and better than any other rice I have tried. The extra protein content is an added and appreciated benefit.

High Protein for Runners - My New Favorite!

I eat a lot of rice and Cahokia Rice is my new favorite. This is the most flavorful rice I have had and as a serious runner, I like the high protein content. I also like that it is not a GMO product. I highly recommend it.


As a vegetarian, Cahokia Rice might be my dream food. It turns out perfectly each time, has a wonderful nutty flavor that complements any pairing, and provides additional protein. That's a win/win/win.