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Cahokia Rice Reviews

Based on 456 reviews
Higher Protein Brown Rice
G K. (Clarksville, Tennessee)
Great Product

Good Taste. Little if any effect on Blood Sugar (1/3 cup serving)

Higher Protein White Rice - 25 lb
David S. (Longmont, Colorado)
Super High Quality Long Grain Rice from a domestic USA produce. Highly recommended.

The best milling quality of any domestic US rice producer I have encountered. Zero broken grains and zero unmilled rice grains and weed seeds. Our previous daily Arkansas long grain rice always requires a careful picking before rinsing as contains a higher proportion of broken grains and weed seeds. This rice is very absorptive and I use at least 1.5 cups liquid per cup of rice and it can handle 2 cups of liquid without turning out mushy soft grains after steaming, although the rest and fluffing are super important to rice serving quality and often ignored by American cooks. It is almost as absorptive as a Calasparra medium grain Paella rice and does make great arroz mexicana and other rice dishes made with stock. The higher protein isn't detectable as a flavor or aroma difference but may contribute to the extra absorptive qualities. I wear a continuous glucose monitor for diabetes and have yet to notice a big change in glycemic index when eating Cahokia rice compared to a typical Arkansas long grain rice but I have no reason to doubt that this rice has extra resistant starch content, especially when cooked with a tablespoon of butter or EVOO added to the pot before steaming and allowed to cool before reheating and serving. Using a chicken stock and added butter really perks up the flavor and texture as well.

Higher Protein White Rice
Caitlin M. (Sullivan, Illinois)
Cooked in my pressure cooker just fine

It's great to support local business. The white rice cooked up just fine in my electric pressure cooker (Instant Pot). Now to try the brown rice.

Higher Protein White Rice - 25 lb
MARY (Fairfax, Virginia)
Super rice, low glycemic index, grown in USA clean water.

The 25 lbs white rice was shipped in a sturdy cardboard box. I use a rice cooker, the rice tastes fresh and clean. And probably due to its low glycemic index, high proteins content, I noticed a feeling of lightness after meal, I also eat less, 1cup instead of 2, and not sleepy at all after lunch. With no hesitation, I would order in bulk this healthy rice again for my family, and recommend it to all rice lovers. Thank you.

Higher Protein White Rice - 25 lb
Marcus A. (San Jose, California)
Great Rice

Love the rice and the service provided. Highly recommended.

Higher Protein Brown Rice
Mary F. (Lafayette, Indiana)

My partner has diabetes so this high protein low glycemic index rice is wonderful for him. I love the taste and not having to be concerned about arsenic contamination. And it’s almost local since I live in a neighboring state!

Higher Protein White Rice - 25 lb
Dina K. (Belmont, North Carolina)
Dina k

The best rice……

Higher Protein Brown Rice
Lester M. (Galveston, Texas)
Brown rice is the best

Having said that we also love the Cahokia white rice as well. Always make extra helpings so that it can be used as fried rice later. Happy Chinese New Year!

This is the BEST rice! The texture is just right. And it’s not too dry and has a light chewiness to it. It has a wonderful flavor and it’s very satisfying. I have been buying both the white and brown rice for a number of years now and I don’t bother with any other rice!

Higher Protein Brown Rice
Bruce E. (Pittsboro, North Carolina)
solid, good, yummy Brown Rice

It is a real gift to have such easy access to nutritional Rice. We enjoy being able to directly support farm families. Thank You Cahokia Rice

Higher Protein Brown Rice
Aïcha (West Lafayette, Indiana)
Good alternate for the gluten-intolerant

Took a couple of trial and errors to figure out the water and time for cooking in Instant Pot vs. a rice cooker. Tried the fried rice recipe on the website and I am pleased with the results.

Higher Protein White Rice
Nick W. (Harrison, Michigan)
The Best!

We've been eating Cahokia Rice for many years and would never think of eating any other. Delicious and healthy.

Higher Protein White Rice
Greg B. (Westlake Village, California)
The Best There Is!

Always perfect rice, every time.

This rice is one of the best rice I have ever eaten! Excellent flavor and the grains stay whole. It comes from a humble and caring company, that writes you a handwritten “thank you” note. I love it!

It’s a yum.. don’t forget to rinse before cooking

Best Brown rice I have eaten and big plus that it is high protein

Higher Protein Brown Rice
Steve M. (Danvers, Illinois)

Excellent product and fast delivery.

Absolutely delicious

Love this rice!! Super clean. Need to order more soon!

Higher Protein White Rice - 25 lb
Joseph K.J. (Chicago, Illinois)
Great rice for everything

Easy to cook,wonderful tasting plain and with sauces or gravy.

Higher Protein Brown Rice
Christina J. (Rochester, New York)
Too quality rice

This rice is so easy to cook and it has good texture. It’s so versatile to use in many dishes.

First Order

Easy to cook. Great results. Wonderful flavor.

Higher Protein White Rice - 25 lb
Margaret E.K. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Rice review

Best tasting rice ever! Would definitely recommend to everyone who loves rice!

Higher Protein Brown Rice - 25 lb
Ellen W. (St Louis, Missouri)
Locally grown always delivers better flavor

I discovered Cahokia Rice and immediately noticed a difference. Cahokia rice tastes 'fresh'. This difference can be compared to eating fresh vegetables compared with canned, fresh is always better!

High quality

Great flavor and texture. Bought bulk. Arrived quickly and in good condition. Billing was linked to a NY number, which was a bit odd. Hoping for cotton sack in the future.