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Cahokia Rice Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

Haven’t tried it yet.


Truly the best rice I have ever eaten...quality product, quality company. This a new pantry staple in our home!

White rice is perfect

Tastes great just like any other rice! I even made the lower-absorbable-carb version with it. It keeps a long time in the fridge, too.

Delicious and Healthy

I love to buy local and your product meets all the high standards of quality that I hoped for! The rice is delicious! Keep up the good work!

Just Delicious..!

Ordered 2 bags each , tried only the white. Very good, will most likely order more.

Great service and love the rice !!

Great Service and Product!

The rice is very delicious and nutritious! Highly recommend to those who crave for carbs but on stringent nutrition plan.

Wonderful Brown Rice

Cahokia Brown Rice is tasty & consistent. My partner & I grew up in Southern Illinois and we are so pleased to support our "childhood home" local farmers.

Great service

Cahokia rice is delicious and the producers are very helpful & professional.

So Good

I love this rice it has a great flavor and it's really filling. I bought a few extra bags for friends to try :-)

Tasty Hot and Cold

I cook rice like the Tibetans: Boil down the water till just below the top of the rice, then turn off the fire, and cover the rice for at least ten minutes. The rice was delicious hot. The next day, I poured olive oil on the cold leftover rice and ate it for lunch. Yum! Al dente, flavorful, and higher in protein. I have shared information about Cahokia rice with my grocery store.

Discovered Cahokia Rice last year at the Carbondale Food Coop. Did not know you could order direct. Cooks up great, great taste as well. Excellent stuff.


Your rice is superb I followed your recipe for coconut and lemon rice. It’s nutty and smells amazing, very tasty too.

Best brown rice

Been using your rice for over a year now. Love it! Cooks beautifully and tastes great and is good for you!

Love this rice!

I eat a plant based whole food diet. The high protein content blends perfect.

Best local rice!!!

I had been looking for a local rice for a long time and found Cahokia rice at a local food store. It not only tastes great it is healthier because it's locally produced. This one is permanent now on my to get list.

There was an error with my most recent order. But I called Christine and correction was made quickly. Thank you, Christine Smith!

Love This Rice

My daughter brought a bag of this rice home with her when she was home from U of I for the summer and I fell in love with it. It is different than ordinary brown rice, which I can honestly take or leave. I am grateful that I am able to order online since it isn't available in my local grocery stores.

Love the Brown Rice and i am excited to have a local Illinois Rice!

Great rice - nice owners :)

I bought this rice after meeting the company owners at an expo I was working in Chicago. They were so down to earth, genuine, and nice. The rice they were sampling tasted great so why not support local! Great quality, nice people, you can't go wrong :)

So easy to order!

I love supporting innovative family farmers and I love this rice! I just got my 3rd order of brown rice from Cahokia because they make it so easy. I always order 3 bags to get the free shipping. The recipes tucked inside the box makes it feel more personable.




small batches are tastier... very good


best as always...

Everyone loves it.

I am trying to get my family to eat more locally grown Foods. I was so excited to find rice that is grown less than a hundred miles from my house. Everyone in my family really enjoys this rice.