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Places to Donate This Holiday Season

Looking for a way to spread cheer this holiday season? Here is a list of some organizations we believe are doing good in our communities who accept donations!

Tis the season to spread a little extra kindness and generosity around our communities, and we want to use our platform this month to shine a little spotlight on a few organizations we believe in. If you are in the giving spirit but aren’t sure where to donate your time or resources, here are a few places we think are doing great things in our communities:

Check out the list below for some of our favorite places to donate:

One City

One City is an organization helping to unite the community and resources in Cape Girardeau, MO. doing good work. Their mission is to create space and opportunities to unite our city through resources, relationships, and community development.

Make a donation to One City

Follow One City on Facebook

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Spark Ministry Food Pantry

Spark Ministry Food Pantry is a local ministry in Alexander County, IL (the poorest county in the state of Illinois, with 21% currently living in poverty). These folks are doing good work and we are always happy to give them rice in addition to supporting in other ways throughout the year.

Make a donation to Spark Ministry

Follow Spark Ministry on Facebook


Care Portal

Care Portal is a national non-profit organization that connects the largest network of caring people to meet the needs of kids and families in crisis. Shelly Gerard, our farmer’s wife here at Cahokia, works for this organization.

Make a donation to Care Portal

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Prodigy Leadership Academy

Prodigy Leadership Academy is a small private school in Cape Girardeau that was started 20 years ago by some friends of ours. They are offering an alternative education that brings God into the school atmosphere for families who value faith as well as education.

Make a donation to Prodigy Leadership Academy

Follow PLA on Facebook

Follow PLA on Instagram


If you don’t have funds to donate to an organization you care about this year, don’t forget you can always donate your time! Find a local shelter in your community and volunteer an afternoon of your time, it is always a wonderful experience to share with your family during the season of giving.


Happy Holidays everyone, from your friends at Cahokia!

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season filled with delicious food, family gatherings, and cheerful celebrations. To those who have difficulty during this time of year, we wish you peace and comfort for the season. Thank you for being part of the Cahokia family!

Warm Wishes,

The Cahokia Rice Team

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