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Spring 2018 - Update on Our Rice Fields

Something we love about farming at Cahokia Rice is that every year is different. This spring, we are watching the thermometer closely. Not the one outside measuring the air temperature - the one underneath the ground. What we are monitoring right now is the soil temperature. Once the spring soil reaches 50 degrees, it is safe to plant our rice in the ground. This spring has been unusually wet and cold here in Illinois. We have made sure not to plant too early in these conditions, otherwise the rice seed will grow too slowly, may sprout unevenly, and possibly rot in the ground.

Generally, our farm experiences prime climate and soil temperatures for growing nutritious rice, but having the perfect seed is equally as important. At Cahokia Rice, we always know exactly where our seed comes from - whether it is raised here on the farm, or purchased from Louisiana State University. We carefully document the process of growing the crop over the course of a farming year; we know when the rice spikes through the soil, when, and how much water is applied and when it is drained from the field. At harvest time, Cahokia rice goes into a dedicated grain bin. We use fans to gently remove the last bit of residual moisture from the rice. No artificial heat is added to the process, as this tends to stress the individual kernels of grain, which in turn can impair their quality when cooked. Finally, the rice grains are removed from the bin in small quantities for milling, to ensure freshness.

What does any of this mean to you, our customer? It means we know the quality of each bag of rice we ship to you. There are thousands of varieties of rice, each with its own taste, texture, appearance, and cooking characteristics. A single generic bag of long-grain rice in the grocery store could contain rice of multiple varieties from countless different farms. A bag of Cahokia long-grain rice contains rice from a single variety and batch, each and every time which ensures a consistent taste and texture.  We take pride in this, and you can, too.

Cahokia Rice in May

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