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Healthy and Delicious Cahokia Rice Recipes to Try at Home

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If you haven’t thought of adding rice to your diet, now may be a great time to do so. Contrary to popular opinion, it isn’t the enemy that people make it out to be. In fact, this belief couldn’t be further from the truth—especially if you’re eating the healthy types. One of those types is Cahokia rice.

Cahokia rice is different from its carb-rich counterparts. Instead, this grain is loaded with protein. As if that isn’t enough to entice you, this type doesn’t need much heat or water to cook and takes a lesser time to do so compared to other types. It comes in white and brown variants, so feel free to go with your preference here.

Can Cahokia rice be eaten like its counterparts? Absolutely! You can enjoy a bowl (or two) of this healthy grain in every meal. We’ve compiled some dishes you may want to follow if you want to make the switch to Cahokia. Don’t worry about taste because all these don’t lack in that department.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Mediterranean Cahokia Rice Salad

Let’s get the ball rolling by serving a delicious salad. You don’t have to go to Greece (or any Mediterranean country, for that matter) to get a taste of this healthy and delicious treat.

All you need to recreate this recipe can be mostly found right in your pantry. For the more specific ingredients, you can find them in most grocery stores. The only cooking you’ll be doing here is the rice, so don’t worry about spending too much time on the stove. All you need to do after that is to toss all the whisk the dressing and some tossing here and there before serving.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice

You can never go wrong with adding eggs to rice, especially on a dish as comforting as this one. No need for market trips for this recipe since everything you need is right in your kitchen.

Your wok or your skillet is your friend here, so you have to move quickly before something burns. If you want to pack on more protein to the mix, feel free to add things like pork slices, chicken, or seafood.

Cahokia Brown Rice Risotto with Mushrooms and Oregano

Get a taste of Italy in one bowl with this hearty rice dish. This time around, you’ll be using brown Cahokia rice since the recipe calls for it. Mushrooms and fresh oregano make this dish extra delicious, thanks to their simple inclusion. Risotto takes a ton of patience to cook, so don’t rush anything if you want to end up with spectacular results. All the stirring and waiting will be worth it.

Creamy Chicken and Cahokia Rice Bake

Who says Cahokia rice can’t be comforting and satisfying? Not us—and certainly not this dish! This hearty recipe is perfect for sharing with friends or family over lunch or dinner. It’s back to white Cahokia rice for this recipe due to the instructions. For best results, use cooked rice so that the rich and creamy sauce won’t overpower everything else.

No-Bake High Protein Cahokia Rice Truffles

You read that right—Cahokia rice can be used to make sweet treats. Healthy deserts do exist! Satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar through this bite-sized dessert.

As its name says, no need to bust out your oven for this recipe since it’s a no-bake one. The truffles can be refrigerated for up to 3 days and can be frozen for 6 months. 

Chipotle Sweet Potato and Cahokia Brown Rice Egg Skillet

Fancy a meat-free skillet? Give this a try! This recipe proves that vegetarian-friendly dishes can be just as delicious as meaty ones. It also shows how spices can transform simple dishes into show-stopping ones.

Get your cast iron skillet out to recreate this at home. Don’t have one? That’s okay. Use a heavy-bottomed skillet instead to get similar results.

Broccoli Cheese Cahokia Rice Casserole

From one meatless entry to another, this one is just as satisfying. If you want a hearty casserole without the guilt, this one is your best bet. Vegetables aren’t boring at all—especially if they’re done right like this dish. Add cheese to that equation, and you’ve got yourself a crowd pleaser! Watch it run out in a few minutes.

One-Pot Creamy Winter Asiago Cheese Cahokia Rice

Cheese and rice together make total sense. You’d think it’ll just be soft mush, but it’s not. Make cold winters a little warmer with this cheesy masterpiece. Asiago’s addition elevated this dish due to its distinct taste. And like the 2 previous recipes, this one’s meat-free—don’t feel guilty about going back for seconds. If you like a hug in a bowl, this dish certainly helps.

Basil Pesto and Roasted Corn Cahokia Rice

Pesto isn’t just for pastas; they taste just as good on rice. Turn your plain white Cahokia rice into something a little more festive by adding this flavorful sauce.

Use fresh basil to get that perfect pesto taste that this dish deserves. Add roasted corn for extra flavor and texture. This dish is perfect for summer—bring it to picnics, potlucks, and cookouts to get the people going.

Kimchi Cahokia Fried Rice

Are you game for spicy food? Get transported to Seoul without leaving your house by whipping up some kimchi cahokia fried rice! One serving of this is comfort and warmth in a bowl. Don’t let the spiciness scare you—it isn’t as overwhelming as it looks. Top everything off with a fried egg for extra protein and deliciousness; like we said earlier, you can never go wrong with adding egg to a rice dish.

If anyone tries to convince you to ditch rice, just smile, wave, and decline politely. Rice isn’t the villain here—make it your friend if you can! Healthy and affordable variants exist, so don’t feel too hopeless about keeping it in your diet.

Got any more Cahokia rice recipe suggestions? Do feel free to let us know! Just leave us a comment or message and let’s get a conversation started.

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