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Low Glycemic Index Score: Enjoy More of a Good Thing

In Health

Rice is a staple in more than 75% of the world’s diets. But it’s still a grain with a traditionally high glycemic index score, and for people with conditions that affect their blood glucose control, that can mean feeling a bit leery about keeping it on the table.

Glycemic index (GI) is scored from 1-100, and foods with a lower score take longer to raise a person’s blood glucose levels. In general, a low GI score is anything under 55, whereas a high score is above 70. Foods with higher GI scores are digested faster and cause a rapid spike in blood glucose levels, and this group would normally include rice. 

But good news for all rice lovers: Cahokia Rice has one of the lowest glycemic index scores of any rice brand out there! Ordinary rice usually sits between 65-70, but our non-GMO, locally-grown rice brings in scores under 41 consistently. That means peace of mind and no sugar spikes for consumers!

So the next time you’re craving a bowl of delicious rice, but don’t want to raise the blood glucose alarm, spring for Cahokia Rice!


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